Saturday, 9 November 2013


echoes of Walker's record - 44.4 - stalked with a float too
With Christmas approaching fast ... whatever happened to all that fishing I'd planned?! ... Martin Bowler and I unashamedly promote the ideal present to use as an anchor for that 'too big' Christmas tree you plan to buy.

surely an offer you can't refuse? [UK only of course]
includes clips from the film of the captures

"Catching the Impossible" tells the story of our adventures hunting 'impossible' sized fish around Britain and though I'm bound to say this aren't I, it is a lovely book, full of giant fish, great pictures and a good read as well. It is not a 'how to' book but you are bound to learn a lot from Martin's descriptions of his captures ... and no one is ever likely to better the book's PB's ... 5.4 perch, 3.5 river roach, a stalked 44.4 common carp, 3.6 crucian, 32.6 pike from an old estate lake. We wish you luck if you're mad enough to try ... and Bernard Cribbins caught some great fish too.

an incredible perch
'Lamps' with one of his happiest 'totally impossible' captures
To see more of the book, please visit my previous post ... 'A Passion for Angling Celebration Gift'.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the read and it will inspire you to catch lots of good fish in 2014. In the meantime, have a good Christmas too.
two real pros - Bernard always delivered ... and so did Martin!

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