Monday 24 June 2019



Once upon a time there was a large gloopy hole in the ground and our club turned the mud into gold – crucian gold.

Those who bother to read our excellent newsletters will know that with the help of the EA, the Angling Trust and the Angling Development Fund, along with much extraordinary hard work from a core of volunteers, we now have a beautiful lake that is full of tench and tricky crucians, all of which are growing on at an impressive rate.
an EA tench fom Culverton which has grown very rapidly and become FAT!

the larger lake provides a welcome home to lots of carp to 20lbs
Both of the WDAC lakes at Edmondsham are full of fish and for those who think the cormorants and otters have eaten them all, you’re wrong. Only yesterday evening I counted 28 good carp and saw a shoal of big bream sunning themselves so where are you all? These are beautiful lakes to fish and as peaceful as they come, so I hope to share the waterside with you all soon.
friend Chris with a beautiful common caught stalking along the edge

a delighted Phil with a good un - what a fighter
Yesterday the club had the good fortune to be walked through some significant habitat improvements by our committee member Phil Turnbull, a freshwater scientist who worked for the Dorset Wildlife Trust and who sadly is now leaving the area to take up a post with the West Country Rivers Trust. But he came up with lots of ideas to enhance the lakes for fish and wildlife, so we have exciting times ahead and lots of hard work.

another special from the EA's Culverton Fish Farm - such a delightful creature and growing so fast
In the meantime I shall continue to try to winkle out a crucian or two from our new lake and the fact that they are difficult adds to the enjoyment. Having caught four now, I’d suggest you fish as close to the bank as possible with a tiny float and small hook, using either bits of sweetcorn or a 4mm banded pellet.
a top section of pole with the tiny float close to the edge - or you need a short rod
not long before this is a two pounder - maybe

tench don't come any cuter than this and proof that the lake is already producing ideal breeding conditions
Use maggots and you’ll be catching tench all day, though that isn’t such a trial is it! We’ve caught at least 50 tench in a session several times and though many are cute little baby ones, there are more than enough ‘proper ones’ to keep you on the edge of your seat. Good fishing by any standards and there’s lots of wildlife to enjoy as well.
 four pounds of elastic stretching muscle

our star club secretary Stu with a good un
I love it because it’s such a delight to be there, a perfect world of peace and tranquillity, until you hook one of the four pound tench and then you have a real battle on your hands … and if you get even luckier, you’ll fill your eyes with bars of gold – crucian gold.
few fish come close to matching the beauty of a pure strain crucian

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