It’s difficult to believe that our series ‘A Passion for Angling’ was first shown in September 1993 on BBC 2, so this year is our 25th Anniversary. Given the ephemeral nature of television, it's remarkable that it was shown so many times by the BBC, followed by years of transmission on Discovery. I rarely watch it now but when I do, I feel it would still be enjoyed by big audiences, especially given the success of the Mortimer and Whitehouse series on the Beeb which had less substance and fishing. I'll have to write to the BBC and see if they'll consider it.

Chris Yates on the dam at Redmire 

We actually started filming at Redmire on June 12th 1989 – no, we didn’t cast in until dawn on the 16th! – so it’s been a while. Some of Chris’s children hadn’t even been born and now they are all grown up … and as for us, we have grown old but are certainly no wiser. Let’s face it, we haven’t even got the good sense to go fishing enough these days. The book of the series that sold out years ago might still be available on eBay.

There is cause for celebration because the series of six fifty minute films are totally unchanged with the passing of time, depicting a peaceful world when there were lots of fish in our rivers and seemingly more time to catch them ... and it still helps our wives understand why we have to go fishing!

Happy Days with Bob and Chris + 2lb roach of course

Ten 2lb roach - not a bad day!
The DVD is still available – and always will be – and is still considered by many to be the best fishing series ever made. Sales remain strong year after year, with new generations of anglers discovering that there is a whole world of fishing out there that doesn’t have to revolve entirely around carp, bolt-rigs and boilies.

Sadly, production costs of the DVD and several postage increases mean the price for the complete set of six films is now £38.50 [incl. UK p&p and VAT]. This is the first increase in ten years and we regret having to do so but ex. Fisheries Minister Richard Benyon thinks it’s worth it!

Richard Benyon - a keen angler
Chris Yates film on carp fishing ‘Caught in Time’ is still £20 [incl. UK p&p and VAT]. We might add to this series one day, but book writing and film making mean we don’t have time at present.

Both are available on our website – www.passionforangling.info

When you order the DVD you can also order a fee copy of the book about the making of our Ch 4 series "Catching the Impossible". All you pay is £4 for p&p. 

It's a beautiful big book, 370 pages, over 400 pics taken during the filming, photos of wildlife, film strips taken direct from the movies and last but not least, beautiful illustrations by renowned artist and angler, Rodger McPhail. We printed too many so prefer to give copies away instead of burning them!
Martin Bowler caught some remarkable fish and his co-star Bernard Cribbins almost matched him. This is his 22lb beauty

Rodger McPhail's beautiful illustrations are true works of art
Martin caught some amazing 'impossible' sized fish like this brace of big rudd
Close friends Martin and Jo Bowler have the 'Catching the Impossible' series for sale in their on-line shop and have added the PFA series because they have PayPal set up too. [Sue and I don’t have enough turn-over to justify the expense]. www.martinbowler.co.uk

Sue and I hope you continue to enjoy the films. Here we are with flags – well it was the Year of the Olympics and we did win ‘everything’!


  1. Thought this may be of interest to you hugh a project running in the UK to find out why smaller freshwater fish are in decline


  2. APFA, stunning in every way.

    Thanks Hugh.....


  3. APFA changed the way I fish from the first time I watched it. A credit to all concerned.

  4. A friend of mine summed it up in this sentence..."A Passion For Angling is how you want your next fishing trip to be...but it never is"

  5. I was 10 when APFA was first aired and I was glued to the tv for every episode. It never failed to get me in the mood for fishing...even in the depths of winter! I have just seen some clips on YouTube and it instantly took me back to my childhood! I am now living in Australia and after watching the clips I now feel home sick and miss english fishing! I have just hinted to my wife that I would like it on DVD for my birthday next month...31 and still feeling like a child angler...love it!

  6. I ordered a passion for angling at the beginning of the month and I haven't received it yet. Could you advise me as to why please. Thanks chevril

  7. Hi Hugh, I was pointed in your direction for details on Tom's River. This was my fathers favourite fishing film ever, and sadly, the VHS version has passed its sell by date. Do you know if there are any plans for a DVD release?

    1. Hello Anonymous. I used to love reading Tom William's pieces in Anglers' Mail many years ago in my youth. The programme you mention can be viewed here on YouTube. Enjoy!

  8. Have sent you an order with cheque for dispatch to Harrogate? It was sent on 28th August. Any idea when it will be sent? Email is ianjmarsland@btinternet.com and phone is 01424 560384.

    Suzanne Marsland

  9. Can you confirm my order has been recieved.
    Sent order form and cheque,also when I will receive it.
    E mail eamonn.fhayes@gmail.com

  10. Hi. I am writing from New Zealand. I am wanting to purchase the Passion For Angling DVD plus the 3 Catching the Impossible DVDs. Is there a way I can do this todaY? Have tried on a couple of websites but am told 'not currently available'. I guess Christmas was a good one...

  11. P.S. Re above.Please email pefs@xtra.co.nz.


  12. Hello Huge, I´m Claudia, you sent me a picture of Penny to Santiago Chile, I was the recepcionist of the hotel Explora. Have been 22 years, a lot. Well I want to thank you so much for sending me the picture of Penny. When I used to see the movie, of the Lion I cried, every tieme. I become a guide of flora and fauna and photographer. Now I live in Santiago. But I´m happy that I found you, at least to say thank you. My best regards. Claudia Bello. Chile.

  13. This is my blog www.claudiabelloplaza.blogspot.com Regards again.

  14. Hi Hugh, Would it be possible to get an electronic (download) copy of a passion for angling complete set, my wife and I miss watching it on those cold winter nights. If it is possible could you please let me know the cost and how to pay such as PayPal, Bank transfer.
    Kind regards
    Steve & Eileen

  15. Is the Passion for Angling DVD still available.

  16. Hello Hugh and Sue, i've transferred an amount in order to receive the dvd Passion and the Book catching the impossible.
    Did you receive it in good order?

    Kind regards

  17. I'm from the Netherlands btw

  18. Could you pleae let me know?

    Thank you verry much.

  19. hi there.my wife sent a postal order around three weeks ago for a passion for angling and the book.we havent received it yet.we were wondering if it got to you.please can you let us know somehow.many thanks mr and mrs richardson.

  20. Hello Hugh. I've just watched the first two episodes of APFA for the second time and almost cried with joy - again. There simply isn't anything better about fishing around!
    Also, to my delight, I have discovered that my Playstation plays the films on the correct aspect, 4:3, rather than stretched horribly, like a minnow-nibbled maggot, to 16:9 as my DVD player does (with no option to change to 4:3).
    I can't begin to thank you, Chris, Bob, and Bernard (and all the other people involved who's names I don't know) for gifting us with these gems!
    Steve King

  21. Hi can you tell me of its still possible to buy passion for angling and DVD

  22. Hi, I'm looking to order a dvd of APFA for my elderly father to watch with my 10yo son. Is it available please?

  23. Hello, can you still order APFA? This is my email abbiekenway95@gmail.com if you could get back to me about where I can buy it too!

    Thank you

  24. Hi am I able to still order a passion for angling on DVD my email is warrenstephen@live.co.uk remember watching it as a kid had it on VHS but long gone cant find DVDS any ware.