Bernard Cribbins with his 22lb pike
Our series of Ch 4 films, ‘Catching the Impossible’ are still going strong, still showing on Discovery Channel and still promoted on our website – It’s a series of three DVD’s, with three one hour films on each disc and for sale on

Our star angler and close friend Martin Bowler is getting busier by the day and he and wife Jo are making films, writing books and articles, blogging, facebooking etc. and rapidly developing their business. We have plans to release the series on pay per view via their website –

The big book of the series, beautifully produced by MPress is also available from Martin and Jo’s on-line shop and is on special offer at £12, cheap for such a lavishly illustrated book describing a unique adventure, even for a door-stop!

Co-star Bernard Cribbins was hoping to join us for our annual ‘fish-in’ but is so busy with BBC radio and TV series that he couldn’t make it this year. We had to ‘make do’ with Chris Yates instead but he didn’t let us down, catching a beautiful two pound perch on his ancient tackle.

The only sad aspect of all this success is the decline of so much of our available fishing. The series title ‘Catching the Impossible’ was simply a device as nothing is impossible … but it is now! Martin believes that attempting to make the series today would be madness and it took us more than four years when it was possible. Many of our rivers have declined so much that many of our targets are simply out of reach.

However, Martin, Bernard and friends did achieve an amazing number of goals and the story of how they did it is still out there on DVD for you to enjoy. We hope you do.

3lb roach, 5lb perch and 7lb chub, 10lb tench, 44lb carp and 30lb pike – not bad is it!

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