Saturday, 12 January 2013


                              BARBEL HANDLING CODE

As anyone who fishes for these golden bars of muscle know, barbel are very powerful fish that fight for freedom until exhausted. This makes them vulnerable when captured, so it’s important to follow the guidelines explained in this film that I made for the Barbel Society with Head of Research and Conservation, Pete Reading.

If you ensure safe handling and release, then these most desirable of freshwater fish will live to fight another day. Yes, I know we didn’t catch a big one but the principles are the same whatever the size and you have to remember, small barbel are the monsters of the future, so treat them all with respect.

… and in case you are not aware, Pete does catch lots of bigger barbel, as you’ll see if you view the next post, a twelve pounder from the Hampshire Avon. The film shows another good example of the handling code too.

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