Friday, 2 December 2016


an anglers dream - bass in the surf - as depicted by inspirational artist, David Miller
There won’t be many anglers who don’t appreciate how magical bass can be … and a lot of non-anglers who appreciate them when on a plate in a restaurant! But there lies the problem. They taste so good they have become the ‘go to’ fish on many chefs’ repertoires so have also become the best cash crop for any commercial fisherman with a net.

a tasty meal - sandeels for bass, bass for diners ... David Miller's 'art in action', as with all those depicted on this blog
Diners don’t know and probably don’t care where their fish come from. They might be farmed but most are harvested from the sea and stocks are so over exploited that they are fast approaching the stage where they are no longer sustainable. There is a very real danger that bass stocks are already in terminal decline.

Across Northern Europe, sea bass stocks are in deep trouble because of commercial over-fishing and the repeated failure of politicians and fishery managers to follow scientific advice and introduce the necessary conservation measures. The Angling Trust and Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society (B.A.S.S.) have pressed hard for a ban on bass netting and we fully support the EU Commission’s proposals for 2017 for a sustainable and well managed recreational and commercial hook and line only bass fishery.

The campaign is going well and we already have over 9,000 signatures on our national petition … but we need at least 10,000 to ensure the government takes notice. Lots of people have gone on to the campaign page to either sign or to send an email to their MP. However, we need to keep the pressure up and this is where YOU can help.

a spectacular sporting fish - let us pray that they survive and flourish for future generations
It would be great if you could sign the petition and share on YOUR Facebook and Twitter. And don't forget to send on to friends and family, too!

please help these beautiful creatures survive - simply sign the petition - it takes less than a minute
"Let's support our fellow anglers by signing the national petition to get rid of the damaging bass nets and give these wonderful fish a future. The decision will be made on December 12th so we've not got long. Click here to sign. It only takes a minute so...PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE NOW."
a sight for sore eyes - bass beneath the surface - and the title for one of David Miller's wonderful books


  1. Sorry, but this is not correct: "They might be farmed but most are harvested from the sea.."

    Only a fraction of marketed bass in EU "are harvested from the sea".
    Farmed seabass in tonnes, EU 2013: 77,470
    compared to:
    Catches of wild bass, EU North Atlantic: 2,066
    Catches of wild bass, EU South Atlantic: 917

    77,470t vs 2,983t = 3,7% wild of the total

  2. I've just received the Governments response from the petition.
    As expected it somewhat misses the point and simply treats the fish as a lump of meat as opposed to a wild creature.
    It's nice to know that as a long liner I can take a tonne per month 10 months of the year. As an angler a fish per day for 6 months of the year.

    Maybe the bass needs to adopt a fur coat to be afforded greater protection 😂