Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Chris happily escaping from reality
You can’t beat being alongside Chris Yates when he explores a beautiful 40 acre lake in deepest Wiltshire.

Chris with all the specimen carp gear he needs

His approach is intuitive, his ability to stalk the large carp exceptional, his patience legendary. But is his ancient tackle up to the task?

This one hour film follows Chris’s quest for his first ever twenty pound carp from a beautiful estate lake. This is ‘reality TV with a difference, the camera capturing those moments in time that only happen once – the few successes - and many failures!

the beautiful Fonthill Estate lake
As we all know, there is never enough time to go fishing and Chris juggles the demands of looking after his family while trying to spend as much time as possible at his favourite carp water, his sanctuary and escape from reality.

grass snake wrangler

What follows has become something of a classic and as with ‘A Passion for Angling’, the film captures the magic of the natural world that we surround ourselves with when we go fishing. We filmed for only seventeen days and when we finally triumphed on the last day we went to the local pub to celebrate. Our pints of London Pride were the best beers we’ve ever tasted.

charismatic creatures of our watersides
 mallard are just one of many species of duck at Fonthill

As Barry Richards wrote on the ‘Fishing Magic’ website : “If you enjoyed ‘Passion for Angling’ then you’ll enjoy ‘Caught in Time’, perhaps even more so as I did myself. In short, the film sequences are brilliant” … another critic wrote : “.. much enjoyed … not a lot happens then everything happens – just like fishing.” … and another … “Caught in Time is another masterpiece, my favourite yet, a carp anglers dream becomes reality”. The film was made several years ago but carp fishing of this sort is timeless.
ancient bait tin but deadly methods

close to a crisis

a big, glorious, golden common

Chris perching on the Stour

The film is intended to be the first of a series with Chris … an attempt to re-invent the fishing diary. We have actually started the second one … perch fishing on the River Stour with three pounders in the can already but since then, life has got in the way.

I got in on the act as we both caught three pounders

I made ‘Catching the Impossible’ for Channel 4 with Martin Bowler and Chris is writing books like there’s no tomorrow. So whether we ever get out there with a camera again remains to be seen. Trouble is, we prefer fishing to actually filming fishing so we’ll see. But for now, I’m going roach fishing on the beautiful Hampshire Avon.
perfect silver 

The film can be ordered at our Passion for Angling and Caught in Time Website - http// 

a little film with lots of magic
this first episode is called 'Summer Days'


  1. Go on Hugh, make another one PLEASE! (maybe perch and crucian carp?). This was such a great film. I would recommend it to anybody.I have kept my old video tape player despite everything having gone DVD just so I can still play my copy of Caught in Time.

  2. Legends! After all these years you guys still have that passion for angling and wildlife, a passion for angling really gave me the respect for our wildlife, thanks

  3. Hugh, I love your videos, and I would like to have them on DVD; do you have an option to ship to the USA?


  4. Hello Mr. Miles,
    I am searching already for one year on ebay and another online shops for your DVD Caugt in Time, but no chance...
    Maybe you have an idea, where i can buy one. I am from Czech republic, currently living in Germany. If you don't, never mind... then i have to wait.
    I would like to say huge thank you for your films about fishing. You changed very much things in my life (in very positive meaning). Hope you are doing well.
    Ondrej Novak